Money Superstitions

Who didn’t hear at least once about superstition like the one about black cat crossing the walkway or Friday the 13th. As you know, Friday the 13th actually was this Friday. So, the idea came to my mind to collect all superstitions I know about money and present them here for you :). I am also curious how many of them you know, regardless whether you believe it or not 🙂

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Your Income Statement

I believe that after reading and implementing my suggestions, you will gain full control over your finances, expenses and you will be ready to multiply your savings plan or to execute a debt reduction. If you want to control your finances, I sure you’ve come to the right place.

You need to start with somewhat „painful exercise”. After this exercise you will know state of your finances.  Simply you will answer the question “Am I “below the line” or “above the line”?

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How much is your coffee habit ?

coffee habit and coffee cost calculatorCanadians love their coffee, don’t we all agree? I’m sure we do. A habit of drinking coffee has grown in last few years to be a daily ritual. As they say – „A day without coffee from Tim Hortons or Starbucks is a lost one”.

I must admit that I also like to drink coffee from time to time, despite the fact that I am a tea type of a person. At the moment nothing beats French Vanilla from Tim Hortons in my opinion 🙂 if you know any better coffee let me know in the comments below.

However, I think there is huge difference between drinking coffee from time to time and an addiction to coffee. I am not advising anyone to change his or her habits, but maybe it pays off to look at the cost of such pleasure with a critical eye? Maybe money “drunk away” this way could be saved and utilized in a much better way?

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How much will you save when you quit smoking?

smoking costSmoking is of course your choice and you can do what you like in your life.  Just don’t forget that when you smoke, people around you become passive smokers thanks to you. I am not going to tell you to quit, any more as to start, if you don’t smoke 🙂 .

In general, I wouldn’t write anything about smoking, if not the non-smoking week 15-21.01 we had here in Canada (check This gave me a good reason to consider this problem from yet another perspective. So, today I’m going to discuss the financial aspect of smoking cigarettes.

Regardless whether you smoke or not, you should read this article. If you smoke only occasionally, you can use a special “smoking calculator” I have made available to you.  It will help you calculate how much you have already spent on smoking and how much you are going to spend each year. And, if you are opposed to smoking, or just do not smoke but have friends who do, then please forward them this article. Perhaps it will be a finally convincing argument, you never now 🙂

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