Money Superstitions

Who didn’t hear at least once about superstition like the one about black cat crossing the walkway or Friday the 13th. As you know, Friday the 13th actually was this Friday. So, the idea came to my mind to collect all superstitions I know about money and present them here for you :). I am also curious how many of them you know, regardless whether you believe it or not 🙂


So, here you are 13 money related superstitions on Friday the 13th.

  1. Do not place your purse / backpack on the floor,

Why? Because the money will run out of it. I heard this superstition since I was very young. Very often I was told not to leave my handbag or backpack on the floor, because the money will flee from it 🙂

  1. Itching of the hand

When your left hand is itching, expect to get money (raise at work, win at lottery etc.). In turn, when your right hand itches, expect the guests.


  1. You will be rich if your friend didn’t recognise you all of the sudden.


  1. If you find money, do not forget to puff on it 3 times.

There are different opinions on that one. Some people believe it will bring you happiness, luck and more money, while some say it will blow your money away.


  1. Lucky and unlucky numbers.

If you want to make sure you never run out of money, remember to keep the number 7 at all most important moments on you. Try to make your wedding date to contain it, try for the birthdate of your child or when you change the work. On the other side of the coin is the unlucky number 13. There are managers who would not make any important decisions on the 13th of the month or hotels and buildings that don’t have 13th floor.


  1. Do not put your shoes on the table because you will be poor.

Holding your shoes on the table will bring bankruptcy and hunger to your home.


  1. Penny in the wallet.

When you buy a wallet as a gift, don’t forget to put a penny in it. An empty wallet fortells poverty and misery.


  1. Whistling away all the money.

People who are whistling at home whistle away all the money. Some people believe that whistling brings bad luck. For example for centuries sailors were forbidden to whistle while at sea.


  1. Do not borrow on Christmas Eve because you will keep borrowing all year round.


  1. Red colour on Christmas Eve.

Put as many red things as you can on christmas table. Like napkins or tablecloth. It will bring you luck and wealth. Don’t forget to decorate the Christmas tree with golden and red Christmas balls.


  1. Horseshoe – provides abundance of wealth, provided that we find it ourselves.

It is a good idea to hang the horseshoe above the front door of your house with its arms turned up. It is going to collect wealth and money this way. On the other hand, hanging it to point downward, will not improve the state of our finances, but will defend against evil powers and ghosts.

Remeber: you need to find horseshoe by you own. You can’t just buy it !


  1. Want to be rich? Hang a picture of a Jewish merchant in the house.

You need to receive such picture as a gift. It’s similar story as one about horseshoe; buying one yourself doesn’t count. Hang  the picture inside over the front door, and put the penny behind the frame. From time to time, swing the picture upside down. Money will fall out of the pocket of the Jew straight to your home. Some suggest that the change of the way of hanging should be applied every Saturday, the Sabbath. This may not be very politically correct superstition nowadays, but it is still very popular in many European countries 🙂


  1. Start the day by counting money.

If you start day by counting money you will count them all day long 🙂 ( your own money of course)

And now, do you believe in any  superstition?  Do you have your favorites?

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