Budgeting Tools – why I use Excel


Before you go into creating your own home budget for detailed expenditure planning you should get a proper budgeting tool. There are people like me who are happy with the spreadsheet like Excel, others prefer to purchase a dedicated program for this purpose. There are many possibilities, but one thing is without any doubt – forget the use of pen and paper. Nowadays it should be done on the computer and not on paper. You can use IPad, laptop or even your phone…

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How do Credit Cards work ?

You probably know already my opinion about credit cards. I wrote about it in my previous article; if you didn’t read it I encourage you to do it now 🙂

This article is second installment in my series about Credit Cards:

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What is Bitcoin? Everything you need to know

Year after year, and lately even month after month, the popularity of Bitcoin is growing. And it is not surprising at all. Below I am presenting the most important information I was able to collect and you should know about this virtual currency.

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The Difference between a Financial Cushion and Emergency Fund

For many people Financial Cushion is this same as Emergency Fund. This article is dedicated to all those who don’t see the difference between the above funds. I would like to clarify the difference so that in the future nobody will have any problem with their definition.

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