Do you want to take control over your finances, but you don’t know how to start? You’re in the right place!

You will find here articles centered on the most important issues of home finances.

In the blog you will find suggestions how to build savings, advises about wise investments and about getting rid of debts. I hope you will find here the knowledge useful to help your own finances.

If you have ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • Is it worth to save money and how to do it?
  • How about to plan the household budget, but most of all how to execute it?
  • How and what to change in the way you spend money, without compromising the quality of your life, while reducing costs at the same time?
  • How to get out of a difficult financial situation or get rid of your debts?

If you did ask this questions, then this blog is definitely for you. Trust me, it really makes sense to count your money; at least in order to maximize spending and make it reasonable.

Why am I doing it?

There are several reasons. Maybe in the future I will write a book about it all 🙂

I believe that I am doing something good not only for myself but also for others.

Can I ask you a favor? If you find anything valuable in this blog, tell me about it. It will be much easier for me to sit down to write another article, knowing that it is useful to somebody 🙂

Please note, that I am not a professional. I will not tell you how to manage your money etc. I am just a person who makes sometimes good and sometimes bad decisions.

I describe various issues based on my own experience, which can be very different from yours. Even if you find here some useful ideas, remember that you should always put them in a context of your own situation.

And one more thing: the content of this blog is purely an expression of the personal views of the author and do not constitute any “recommendations”. Remember that making investment decisions is always your own responsibility.

Thank you for reading this intro and I hope to keep seeing you in my blog.

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