Don’t over-serve food

Is $ 1.1 a lot? Usually the answer is “it depends” followed then by the sacramental ”but in what context” ?

I don’t know if you are a statistician Canadian or not, but for the purpose of this article, let say yes. $1.1 is small enough that most people don’t notice it; every time when I speak about paying  attention to such small expenses I feel people think I am a scrooge. Continue reading “Don’t over-serve food”

Budgeting Tools – why I use Excel

Before you go into creating your own home budget for detailed expenditure planning you should get a proper budgeting tool. There are people like me who are happy with the spreadsheet like Excel, others prefer to purchase a dedicated program for this purpose. There are many possibilities, but one thing is without any doubt – forget the use of pen and paper. Nowadays it should be done on the computer and not on paper. You can use IPad, laptop or even your phone…

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Is scrooge frugal or vice versa


Why do we often mix up frugality with avarice ? Very often I hear people expressing very negative feelings toward idea of saving money and being frugal, denoucing thrifty people as parsimonious misers. This is a complete misunderstanding in my opinion. Here is how I see this

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