How to start recording your expenses?

Hello, I welcome you in another article on blog 🙂 In the previous two articles on a home budget I wrote about Income Statement and Net Value. Those who have not read the previous articles, I encourage to read it.

Today I will try to describe how you should record your expenses. If you want take control of your own finances in the expenses area, then this article will help you. If it doesn’t answer all your questions about how to start recording your expenses, please ask me in the comments below.

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What is Inflation? and how to beat it ?

As inflation rise, the purchasing power of money decrease. What it means, the money you earn each month have less value. I suggest you read this article if you ever wonder about:

  • Why prices are rising?
  • Who and how determines inflation?
  • How should you protect your hard earned money?

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Rich Dad Education’s Free Workshop A Scam? – Review

This time I want to write about FREE Rich Dad Education Real Estate Workshops I found on internet.

I am not hiding the fact I was interested from the beginning. Not only because it was free 😉 but mainly because the controversial Mr. Robert Kiyosaki.

First time I meet his name when I read his bestseller „Rich dad, Poor Dad. This book induced me to read his another book “Business School”

That’s why, when I found out there is a workshop in my area, I didn’t hesitate long to sing up.

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Are Credit Cards really as bad as they say about them?

Some time ago I had an opportunity to saw a short video of Mr. Dave Ramsay on The Dave Ramsey Show. During which one of the callers rang and asked why credit cards are bad. You will find this video by googling phrase: “Why Are Credit Cards Bad? I Never Pay Interest and They Make Me Money”

Let’s explain one thing:

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