How to find a proper motivation to save money

Recently the New Year has come, and many of you, me including, have prepared yet another list of New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, as you all must know, without an adequate motivation our eagerness is very short-lived. How many of you every year promises to yourself that this year “for sure” you will quit smoking or lose 10kg of weight till summer or will start saving money?. Let’s talk today about the last one 🙂

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Are You also throwing away $ 35 a month into the trash?

Did you know that by throwing a little over $ 1 per day, say $ 1.1, Canadians throw out $ 14.5 billion in the trash? That’s according to a recently conducted – once again – research by consulting company Value Chain Management International. This data really shocked me.

You throw away food?  You wasting money

$35 value of food is what one person is wasting per month. Take a typical 4-person family wasting $ 140 and we already have a large amount for statistical family. Of course, it’s just statistics, but can run your imagination. Let suppose this issue affects you, the readers of This way, annually you are easily getting rid of as much as $420. This money could have been invested instead, or simply saved – despite the popular saying that we can’t afford to save.

Respect towards food resulting in the improvement of your budget you can learn. See how I do it.

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Is compound interest saving only for patient people?

Compound interest – term probably familiar to every person,  who at least once was looking for information about saving. The working principle of compound interest is very simple, but very powerful in growing savings.

As you know, the saving is for patient people 🙂 saving effects cannot be seen right away. I would even say, that it takes quite a few years of waiting before we observe the actual benefits of the compound effect in action. Despite this, you should be saving money. In this task, the compound interest will help you. Thanks to it your savings will grow faster and faster.

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Home Budget – step by step

The article of the Home Budget is a must-have on any financial blog. It is one of these concepts in the personal finance, around which there is a lot of misunderstanding. Many people think that it is very boring to write down their spending, with few results. However, the budget is something else entirely.

When it’s done well – it incredibly helps to keep up finances; when done badly – it is easy to become discouraged and to make financial errors. And of course, as you might guessed, when not done at all – a lot of money will be leaking through your fingers. That’s why I decided that it is good idea to introduce you to my point of view of this very important subject.

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